At Myers Marketing Management we are committed to transparency in our planning, execution, reporting, and innovation. We are passionate about winning at all stages and objectives for our partners. 

Together as a team, we create the right strategy with the right marketing mix for the right partners. 

Myers Marketing Management is seeking a Social Media Specialist to join our team of marketing professionals. So, if your work ethic and experience make you the perfect candidate, we want to hear from you! 

As a Social Media Specialist, a typical day might look like:

Execute social media strategy through:

  • Building meaningful relationships for ePartners with industry-specific members
  • Competitive research
  • On-Page Engagement
  • Off-Page Engagement
    • Groups
    • Forums
    • Email
    • Messages
  • Strategically scheduling curated content, images, video and stories
  • Optimizing company pages within each platform
  • Moderate customer-generated content, messages, and reviews
  • Continuously work to improve social media strategy through gathering and analyzing social data/metrics, insights, and best practices


This job might be for you if:

  • You enjoy working in a team environment
  • You love working hard and playing hard too
  • You work best in a variety of environments, in office, remote, living room, coffee shop 
  • You can self start in your jammies
  • Your calendar looks like you used all of the ink in your highlighters… this month
  • You not only have accounts on all the relevant social media platforms, but you know when changes are coming before they happen
  • You read social media articles for fun
  • You love problem-solving for people
  • Having the answer to someone’s question makes your heart tingle
  • You’ve been kicking butt at the social media game for more than 2 years

At Myers Marketing Management, we’re always going after the W for our partners, so we’re looking for someone who has the capacity to contribute to the WIN BIG.

Social Media Manager position, please send your resume and cover letter to!